Blockchain Verified Credentials

Non Fungible Talent Acquisition

Blockchain Verified Credentials

Non Fungible Talent Acquisition

The Business Value Of
Blockchain Verified Credentials

Security and transparency are critical to verifying that an earner has been issued a valid digital credential by your organization. Recording digital credentials on a blockchain brings an additional level of external verification.



Accelerate hiring with pre-verified candidates


Combat diploma mills with verifiable digital credentials


Build a profile & claim your digital credentials with MohurCoin


Integrate trust into your application to generate value and improve KYC

Your data will always be safe with MohurCoin. Read about XRPL.

Mohur Smart Contracts

You’ve just found your perfect candidate and now you need to complete their referrals. Instead of chasing up old bosses or professors, you now have instant access to the candidate’s complete, transparent work and educational history, and even performance reviews, all in one totally secure digital ledger.

Work is no longer limited to a single location. Global travel, the gig economy, and the rise of the on-demand talent economy have totally changed the way we work, and a candidate’s professional background is becoming increasingly tough to track and verify.

Send & receive with absolute freedom and control.

Discover NFTs, decentralized finance, crypto gaming, and thousands of Dapps! We’ve integrated with the WalletConnect protocol to facilitate your simple and secure connection.

Empower program graduates with verifiable digital certificates.

With MohurCoin’s secure issuer’s portal you can design, sign, issue, or verify your digital certificates with the click of a button.

Blockchain Resource Planning - at your pace

Every company is unique and so are their journeys to blockchain ERP. Mohur’s integrated & modular architecture allows you to deploy what you need, when you need it. Control the pace and define which areas of your business are addressed first, like modernizing your financials, supporting company-wide planning, or improving your logistics.

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