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Choose between MHR (XRPL) or MOH (Binance Smart Chain)

As MohurCoin operates on two different Networks (BSC / XRPL) we have created two different approaches to market; an ICO and an Airdrop.
XRP Ledger

MHR (MohurCoin XRPL)

MHR is the Token on the XRP Ledger with a total supply of 200,000,000 Tokens.

We plan an Airdrop on 07 June 2023 and will distribute 20 million MHR tokens to the community. Everyone who is eligible will receive up a max of 1000 MHR Tokens. To participate in the airdrop follow these steps. Optionally you can acquire MHR through an XRPL DEX (Sologenic DEX, Xumm DEX).

Send & receive with absolute freedom and control.

MOH is the Token on the Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 200,000,000 Tokens.

We plan Initial Capital Building in two phases. The first phase is addressed to Individuals and organizations that hold BNB, Ether or other cryptocurrencies. The second phase is addressed to individuals and organizations that are willing to invest in the form of USD or other fiat currencies.

The Business Value Of Blockchain Verified Credentials

Security and transparency are critical to verifying that an earner has been issued a valid digital credential by your organization. Recording digital credentials on a blockchain brings an additional level of external verification.



Accelerate hiring with pre-verified candidates


Combat diploma mills with verifiable digital credentials


Build a profile & claim your digital credentials with MohurCoin


Integrate trust into your application to generate value and improve KYC

Your data will always be safe with MohurCoin. Read about XRPL.

Empower program graduates with verifiable digital certificates.

With MohurCoin’s secure issuer’s portal you can design, sign, issue, or verify your digital certificates with the click of a button.

Blockchain Resource Planning - at your pace

Every company is unique and so are their journeys to blockchain ERP. Mohur’s integrated & modular architecture allows you to deploy what you need, when you need it. Control the pace and define which areas of your business are addressed first, like modernizing your financials, supporting company-wide planning, or improving your logistics.

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