Blockchain For

Combat diploma mills and empower program graduates with verifiable digital credentials.

Issuer Portal Access

The Issuer Portal contains tools and simple tutorials for certificate design, upload, issuance, and verification, as well as interfaces enabling issuers to verify or request information from other users on the network.

Certificate Design Tool

Aversafe provides issuers with a dynamic certificate design kit featuring a library of customizable templates with intuitive drag and drop controls.

Current & Historic Claim Upload Tool

Securely upload information about current and historic program graduates to enable rapid certificate matching and hassle free re-verification.

Automatic Certificate Matching

Efficiently distribute large numbers of certificates to current and historic program graduates.

Direct Certificate Issuance

Manually issue digital certificates to individuals or groups of recipients with the click of a button.

Certificate & Claim Verification

Verify the authenticity of graduates’ certificates and claims to give them a leg up in the competitive international job market.

Certificate Revocation

Edit or revoke certificates that have been erroneously awarded or misattributed at any time.

MohurCoin allows you to upload alumni information and historic certificates through the issuer’s portal. This allows you to reissue, verify or revoke historic documents in precisely the same way you would handle current certificates. You can also allow alumni to supply MohurCoin with designated personal information, such as a date of birth or SSN, to be automatically matched with their reissued digital certificates.

Aversafe makes onboarding as simple as possible. It takes only minutes to prepare and upload all of the data required to issue certificates to any number of program graduates. We also provide on-site training and installation options to help integrate Aversafe into your existing software suite while adapting our services to your unique institutional needs.

All data uploaded by certificate issuers to allow for automatic matching is encrypted and uploaded onto the XRP Ledger, ensuring that no one, including MohurCoin, has access to update your students’ data besides your institution. Additionally, all data exchanged on the MohurCoin Network is stored on a decentralized blockchain, with no central node/entity that can be breached.

MohurCoin provides certificate matching services that require zero-touch at the administrative level. This allows issuers to provide certificates to all program graduates even if they’re not current MohurCoin users. Graduates only need to establish their identity by providing select pre-arranged details to be matched with and receive their certificates.