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Build your trusted profile, claim your digital credentials and land your dream job with MohurCoin.

MohurCoin Mobile Application

The MohurCoin app lets you claim, update, edit and share your verified credentials with employers and peers, helping you build trust, land interviews, and speed up your time to hire.

Share Profile Data

MohurCoin’s data sharing feature lets share your verified work history and credentials with the push of a button.

Revoke Profile Data

MohurCoin lets you completely revoke an employer or third party’s access to your information at any time.

Request Verification

Request verification of your personal information, work history and credential claims to build trust with future employers.

Peer-to-Peer Verification

Verify a friend or former coworker’s claims or request verification of your own professional accomplishments.

Certificate Matching

Simply prove your identity with a birthdate or student ID and you’ll be matched with your verifiable digital certificates.

Trust Score

Verify your information to improve your Trust Score and dramatically improve your odds in the hiring process.

Yes, your data is encrypted and stored decentralized on the XRPL, so you don’t need to worry about data breaches or abuse.

Yes, you can revoke access to any of your shared data at any time. Employers and third parties with their own local data storage may still have some record of your information, but they’ll lose access to all your updated and verified data provided through MohurCoin.

You can edit and update your personal information within the MohurCoin app. You’ll have to request verification of any updated information before it will be considered verified. Your old details will not be invalidated or archived until your new details are fully verified.

If your educational institution, professional organization or employer isn’t on the MohurCoin network you can still have your personal information and certificates verified by peers. However, your trust score won’t be as strong if your credentials aren’t verified by their original issuers. You can also share recommendations and contact details for institutions you’d like to see on the MohurCoin network. Our team will work to get them onboard as soon as possible.