There are over 3,000 diploma mills worldwide flooding the international job market with fraudulent credentials. As a result, employers spend exorbitant sums avoiding bad hires, jobseekers are exposed to unfair competition, and educational institutions grapple with damaged reputations and jeopardized alumni endowment.


Lost Opportunities

Honest job applicants are exposed to unfair competition against candidates with exaggerated resumes and forged credentials.

Bad Hires

Replacing a single bad hire can cost a business as much as $40,000; meanwhile, 85% of employers report finding false claims on job applications.

Damaged Reputations

Fake degrees can tarnish an educational institution’s reputation beyond repair, hindering graduate mobility and jeopardizing alumni endowment..

Diploma mills are a global problem, and they require a global solution. MohurCoin offers decentralized credential verification services for jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world.