Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are electronic credentials that are used to certify the online identities and achievements of individuals or organizations. They can represent anything from a bachelor’s degree to a pilot’s license. MohurCoin’s blockchain-backed certificates are unforgeable, fully auditable, internationally recognized, and—just as important—affordable to issue.

Digital Certificates

Cut Costs & Save Time

By switching to digital certificates, educational institutions can entirely do away with the costs of printing and shipping traditional paper degrees. Digital certificates can also be designed and issued in a fraction of the time it takes to produce and send a paper document without any fear of being damaged or lost in postage.

Improve Graduate Mobility

MohurCoin’s digital certificates can be verified at a glance by employers around the globe. This helps degree-holding graduates build trust with potential employers long before the first interview, a considerable leg up in today’s competitive international job market.

Unforgeable & Fraud Proof

MohurCoin’s digital certificates are recorded on the blockchain, rendering each document tamper proof and cryptographically unique. Anyone can verify the authenticity and origin of a digital certificate issued with MohurCoin, so the value of your degrees remains safe from imposters and diploma mills.

Globally Portable & Friction Free

MohurCoin’s blockchain-backed digital certificates can be issued friction free to individuals anywhere in the world, allowing online and international certificate issuers to cut through the red-tape of traditional jurisdictional boundaries.

Diploma mills are a global problem, and they require a global solution. MohurCoin offers decentralized credential verification services for jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world.