Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security

When a company bundles user information in a central database they put both themselves and their clients at serious risk. A bad actor only needs to breach a single provider to gain access to everybody’s personal information.

At MohurCoin we’re fully committed to preserving our users’ privacy and security. We avoid the risk of data breaches and abuse by decentralizing the storage of our users’ sensitive personal information. With MohurCoin, users store their profile data securely on their own smartphones, ensuring that each user maintains complete control over their personal information.

While MohurCoin leverages the blockchain to provide its services, we’re still able to ensure our users’ privacy by recording only proof of users’ interactions, rather than their specific profile content, on the public ledger. This way, anyone on the network can determine that a claim has been verified without exposing the sensitive content of the claim itself.

We want to help you reclaim your digital identity, and that means letting you decide who to share it with. By the same token every interaction on the MohurCoin network  is, and will always be, completely voluntary, so you can opt out of sharing your personal information at any time.